Happy Wednesday! Only 2 more sleeps until Christmas!! 😊 Today the children enjoyed a fun day outside in the warm weather!

Christmas is so soon, it’s all we can talk about! During group time we talk about Christmas, we sing Christmas songs and we even read books about Christmas too!

We enjoyed a fun yoga session where the children exercised their gross motor skills! Together, we stretched our bodies and got ready for the day. The children love to practice their animal poses and what they have learnt this year.


Today we used silver glittery paint to decorate Christmas stars! The children were so excited to paint them 😊

It was warm today so the children engaged in water play! We splished and splashed in the buckets of water and had so much fun!

What a lovely day! We spent our time drawing pictures, singings songs and playing in the sand pit! See you tomorrow for our last day together before Christmas!

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