Happy New Year and welcome back Crimson friends!

2020 was such a challenging year. We may continue to face many challenges this year, but let’s not forget the important things and work together to overcome them!!!


We were so happy to see our friends and teachers. We formed the yarning circle and talked about the Christmas presents we got from Santa Claus. Some people got lunch boxes, some got Barbie dolls, some got pet fish, some got Batman and Superman toys, some got cars, some got walkie talkies. It seems like everyone got a variety of gifts!!


We welcomed some friends from the Aqua room. They were escorted by Nelson into the Crimson Room with excited faces. Some we already knew, some we didn’t, but we were happy to meet new friends. They explored our room, climbed the climbing dome, fed the guinea pigs and enjoyed the trampoline. It was a short visit today, but we look forward to playing with them again!!


We welcomed another new friend Thomas today! We met him once when he came for orientation so we got along quickly. We hope he enjoyed playing with us!



In the afternoon, Arda and Eric started to layout the blocks. Some of us saw them and copied. We collaboratively created a very long road from the block corner to the veranda. We had a lot of fun moving mobilo cars on it.


Julia had built herself a computer on the table and was typing something intently. When she was asked “What are you doing?” she replied, “I’m working!” Great creativity and imagination!

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