It’s Tuesday! The children have had a lovely day exploring the yards and indoor environments!

Our day started with an exciting group time with MeiTing and her interactive felt board! The children love to sit down for group times! Together we sing, play games and read books – this encourages language development and communication skills 😊

Today the children loved participating in yoga! They stretched their bodies up high and touched their toes. Our daily yoga sessions allow children to develop their gross motor skills and work on their coordination and balance! Great job everyone 😊

It was another hot day and the children had so much fun splashing around with the sea animals in the water tray! We talked about the different animals we could see and played with them in the water – we had so much fun!

We practiced our fine motor skills with a gluing activity…

The children had a cheeky visit to the Crimson yard, where they looked at the chickens and played on the climbing frame. We played in the sand, in the home corner and with the Doctor’s kit!

Our big children enjoyed another morning in Aqua, where they played dress up, drew pictures and climbed trees!

What a great day! 😊

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