It is the end of the second week in January already. The weeks go quickly when we are having so much fun. The older children are settling and exploring Crimson well, while our new friends from nursery are finding their feet in Aqua.

They have been enjoying time in the kitchen area a lot as well as the outdoor area. They are very curious of their surroundings and seem to be settle well also.

Starting the morning of the children enjoyed outdoor time, Sara, Lily, Charlotte and Adeline laughed with each other in the cubby house.

Evan built a big cube for his best friend Nelson, while Alice explored the car area.

It was nice seeing everyone sitting nicely and enjoyed morning tea also.

Celine showed of her large gross motor control while climbing the tree.

It was also lovely to see the boy’s Leo, Isaac and Jake play so well and share the space nicely with the car mat.

Inside some of the children built tall towers with the Lego blocks.

Annabel explored the abacus; she moved the balls from one side to the next. She counted to 5 with the educator as she did so.

At learning centre time some of the children got creative and made a portrait of themselves. They picked a colour and drew on the shape of a body. Their eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. They also coloured their clothes.

With Donna the children were getting to know each other, where we all come from and then we started to make our own Australian flag using colours red and Blue. They displayed great fine motor skills as they made stamps on the paper.

Some of the children had lots of fun dancing on the mat with Bambi. Sophie especially enjoyed some dancing.

What a super fun Friday we had in Aqua today! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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