A new week has begun. With the weather shaping up to be another beautiful week, we have a lot to look forward to. Therefore, please make sure your child has a variety of clothes (including underwear) in their bag in case they need a change of clothes after water activities.

Also, we are making a family tree in the wall, so please bring a family photo and hand it to one of the educators.


After morning tea, we gathered on the mat as usual for group time. Friends from Aqua joined us and we sang songs and had fun together. We have been singing the song “You are my sunshine” and “Days of the week” every day, we think our new friends are remembering the song too.


Maddison and Veronique are always happy to help teachers to sing songs. Thank you for your support girls!


After group time, we each explored to engage in different activities.

Building with large wooden blocks was very popular. Aidan and Maksym referred to the photograph and discussed how they could build the Harbour Bridge. Seeing their creative process, many other friends including Elliot, Archie, Joshan and Belian joined them. It was great to see them working together and bouncing ideas off each other to create one thing.


The girls Showed their application skills and creativity to create the beautiful Harbour Bridge. Maddison, Shona, and Veronique used arched blocks effectively to represent the roundness of the bridge. Well done!


We also played in the yard. We polished our physical skills and coordination with a variety of equipment and activities such as climbing trees, climbing domes and wobbly bridges.

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