Happy Monday and welcome to another sunny day!

Today we started day by engaging ourselves in the puzzles that allows us to enhance our problem-solving skills and sorting skills as well.

Later, children participated in the group time, where children listened to “Piranhas don’t eat Bananas” with Nelson and with Helena children sang morning songs that includes children’s song facilitating their self- identity. The group time allows children to develop sense of belonging among children.

We welcome our new friend Louis to Aqua room and he is settling really well in the room. He enjoyed playing with the cars and reading books.

Similarly, our new Aqua friends are doing really well. They are enjoying their time in Aqua and are building their confidence as well as relationship with their Aqua peers and educators.

Followed by learning center, children participated with Bambi to make play dough and experience the chemical state of flour changing its state from gooey to sticky- squishy play dough. The children enjoyed a lot!

Many children participated in easel painting and hand printing facilitating their creativity skills and sensory skills respectively.

During free play, children enjoyed playing musical instruments, obstacle courses and playing with dino world. This helps in developing social emotional development and resilience of children.

All the children had fun in the sunny day and hope you all will have a good evening. 😊


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