Happy Tuesday everyone. Welcome to all our new families to Aqua, we are delighted to see so many new faces and it is so amazing to see the children settling into the room. They are exploring the area both indoors and outdoors.

Today the day started off with a bit of rain, so the children stayed inside. India started her day with some peers on the mat making a car from the stick bricks. Thomas made an airplane from the blocks.

Georgia also had fun exploring the blocks.

Leo and some peers explored puzzles. while Elise and Nishka enjoyed time together at the home corner pretending to be the Mommies to the dolls.

At group time we joined our teachers on the mat.  We first sang the hello song. This is helping us to get to know each other as we are learning our new friends’ names. This will help our new friends settle into their new surroundings.  After our rhymes we listened to some stories using active listening ears.

Welcome to our new friend Louis, he has been playing with Donna and we have been getting to know each other, we took a selfie together and he has been very calm and exploring lots.

After group time we went to our small groups for learning centre time.

With Donna the children joined her to talk all about ourselves. We are developing our self- identity which will help us feel a sense of belonging in the group. The children were very creative and made their faces when they finished looking in the mirror.

With Bambi the children enjoyed play dough exploration. They used fine motor skills to roll and mould the dough.

With Liza the children enjoyed making prints in the colours of the Australia flag. They are getting to know were they come from.

Joey is so confident in herself and took a group time with Liza’s pros, she sang 5 cheeky monkeys for her peers. Well done Joey.

What a fun filled day we had in Aqua.


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