Wednesday! It’s the middle of the week already. We had a great time playing with our friends today.

We think that our friends, who are transitioning from Aqua, are getting used to our room and our routine. Also, they are becoming familiar with the songs we often sing in group time and our favourite stories.


After group time was learning centre time. Shopping activity was very popular. We enjoyed being shopkeepers and customers. While we enjoyed the interaction with our friends, we learned social manners and language. Also, we explored numeracy as we set the price of goods and paid or received the money.


As some of us have been showing an interest in insects and bugs lately. Gail set up activities related to them. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the insect toys and to create a habitat for them. Aidan drew a beautifully detailed spider, which he then carefully cut out.


Nicky took very good care of Baby Dolly. He kindly wrapped her in a blanket and rocked her gently. When Shoko commented “You are very gentle with baby!.”, He said, “Yeah, she wants to sleep.” How sweet! We are sure you are going to be a wonderful father in the future!


Thanks for a fun day! See you tomorrow.


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