Hello, beautiful Thursday!

Aqua explores joined us after afternoon tea, as usual, we gathered on the mat and had a group time together. Shoko introduced them Japanese songs we have been singing. It was great to see them imitating the action!


At learning centre time, it was all about sea animals. That’s because in the last few days we have shown a strong interest in them. In the yard, we cut and paste sea animals on the blue paper, and we added some seaweed and shellfish. We looked at various sea animals while naming them and even compared similarities between them.

In the veranda, we crashed the ice cubes to save sea animals. We hit the ice with a hammer and also smashed it against each other. We shouted with delight when the sea animal came out from inside! Of course, we didn’t forget to tell each other the name of each sea animal.



Because it was really hot, we enjoyed the water play in the afternoon. We decided to add bubbles today and everyone stirred the water with their feet to create them. We got soaking wet, but playing in the water was a great and fun way to cool down on a hot day!!!


Oh, what a fun day we had. Let’s have lots of fun and learn tomorrow as well!


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