It’s already the last weekday of the week! It was another hot day, but we had lots of fun and learnt lots of things!!


We always start our learning centre time with group time. Group time is very important, especially now that we have a mixed group from Crimson and group transitioning from Aqua. It is also a good opportunity to learn the names of each friend and for the Aqua explorers to get used to their new educators. Best of all, it’s fun to sing songs and listen to stories together!


Of course, we had a great time after group time too! Making playdough is one of our favourite activities. We gathered around the table to figure out what ingredients we would need. After that, we made sure that we had enough of each and started measuring. Each time we make different colours of playdough but this time we decided to go for blue! And then it was time to mix them up together. It was very nice to touch the playdough as it gradually came together and became smoother.

As we made some blue playdough, we decided to play with it to represent the ocean and add some sea animals.



We also worked on painting to show our creativity. There were a variety of colourful paints available for us to use. We each painted anything we wanted.




What do you hear, Liam?



Great job of tracing your name, Archie!


Have a good weekend. See you all next week!


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