Welcome back to another week in Crimson room! The weather has been beautiful recently. We have to be very careful not to get heatstroke. Therefore, make sure to bring a water bottle and a hat, please!


From this week, our friends from Aqua join us from 9:30 am until they are picked up. The transition is taking place in stages, but we can see that they are getting used to the Crimson environment and routines. That is very pleasing!!

As usual morning, we split into two groups and had group time. It was fun to sing songs together and listen to stories. Maintaining a routine helps us to anticipate what will happen next and also gives us a sense of security.

Since the Indian Republic day is approaching, we learnt about the Indian flag. We used green, orange, and blue to make the flag colourful.


Construction with Lego was popular today. Each of us built different things. Arda’s construction looked fantastic! He used vertical blocks as pillars to attach the roof. He commented, “This is a shop!”.


The home corner was also popular. Girls sat around the table and organised a party! It was lovely to see them interacting with each other beautifully.



In the afternoon, we helped Sony to make Beehive for birthday wall. We tore black and yellow crepe paper and rolled them up small. We then stuck them to put colour on the beehive.


Thank you for a fun Monday. See you tomorrow!



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