It was a cooler day today than yesterday. In this beautiful weather, we had fun playing indoors and outdoors and spent quality time with our friends and educators.


After we had a group time with friends from Aqua, we explored around to engage in a variety of activities.

Since we enjoyed shopping so much, Burns bay cottage supermarket was set up again with more items than before. Imri was happy to play the role of the shop keeper, reading the barcodes on the items Ava and Isabelle brought to the till.


At the other tables, we practised using our fine motor skill and coordination skill. We used the scissors to cut the spiral line and then coloured it to make it more beautiful. It was difficult to cut along the lines, but we made sure we held the scissors correctly and cut slowly.


Construction set up is one of our favourites. Today, Maksym and Thomas were playing with two cranes, lifting and lowering loads. And then, they discussed and decided to put an object on top of each crane. It was lovely to see how they interacted both verbally and non-verbally.


What a fun day we had. See you tomorrow!


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