It’s Wednesday. We have enjoyed playing and learning with our friends today in this beautiful weather.


Soon after group time finished, we were excited to explore indoor and outdoor to participate in different activities.


As India’s Republic Day is approaching, we learnt about the states of India. We looked at a colourful map showing the states and found out that there are many states in India. Sony also told us that there are 28 states in total. We then pasted colourful paper over the map to represent it and its 28 states.


Ava cut out the shape of India and pasted it on a piece of black paper. It looks great, Ava!



Thomas and Archie worked together on the construction. They discussed how to build up the blocks and sometimes carried a single block together. Nice teamwork boys!!


Henry C used his imagination and creativity to create the amusement park ride with playdough and sea animals. He arranged playdough in a circle and then placed sea animals on top of it. He commented “This is going up and going around. You can ride on it (pointed to the sea animals).”



In the afternoon, Julia and Veronique came up with a great idea and set it up themselves. What do you think their idea was? They arranged chairs in the yard, brought puppets from the room and set up a puppet theatre! We were invited to the theatre and enjoyed Julia and Veronique’s show.

After their show, they offered us the chance to perform a show too!

This spontaneous opportunity was perfect ‘child-led learning’. As early childhood educators, we believe this approach leads to great educational and developmental outcomes. This is because if the actual learning programme is directly derived from children’s own ideas and is meaningful, they are much more likely to be engaged in the learning. This approach also encourages them to investigate, to be curious, to challenge their thinking and to be articulate.


There have been many great learning opportunities today. See you tomorrow!



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