Welcome to last day of the week Friday!

We started our day with group time where children enjoyed singing morning songs and action songs with Donna and listening to “Nee Naw” story with Liza. The group time allows children to develop their sense of belonging and enhance their self-esteem. Similarly, our new friends are settling really well and started to recognise their friends with their names.

Followed by the learning center, children enjoyed taking part in obstacle course with Nelson where they had to collect the coloured cones and sort them out based on colours. This facilitates children’s gross movement-hand-body coordination- as well as their enhances their colour recognition skill.

Similarly, with Liza, children continued to learn more about Australia for Australian Day. They used iPad to learn more about Opera house exposing to the use of technology. Later were encouraged to make one by sticking by modelling the picture of Opera House.

Amelia and Zoe extended their knowledge about Opera House by building their own version of Opera house.

Amelia: “Zoe, Let’s go to Opera House together!”

Zoe: “Yes! Oh wait, I get my bag.”

Amelia: “okay! ……….there we see water too”

Some children enjoyed manipulating the playdough with Donna; interpreting their imagination via 3D model.

Whilst, with Carolina, children enjoyed sticking the yarn on the provided faces facilitating their fine motor skills.

In self-selected activities, children showed interest to our new equipment of the yard and played with it. Similarly, they got engaged in dancing, dramatic play, sensory play as well as water play. the self-selected activities allow children to reflect their unique self-identity and promote social-emotional learning.

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