It’s Friday! In a sunny morning, all children are excited about coming Australia Day.


During group time, we discussed our plan on Australia Day. Some of us showed our interest in going to the beach. Others said they are going to stay home with family. Among them, some said they would have a special lunch or dinner. Everyone seems to have a great plan!


After group time, we split up into different activities that we were interested in.

In the yard, we used red, blue, and white paint to stamp stars to represent the Australian flag. Stamping the stars was fun and it was interesting to see the colours overlap.


In the veranda, we continued exploring Aboriginal art. We embodied our ideas on black paper, referring to the Aboriginal art in the book.

In another table, we drew aboriginal dot art. Grace showed her creativity and application skills to complete her own style of dot art.


Inside the room, we made blue and red playdough to represent the colours of the Australian flag. While we were taking turn of measuring, adding and mixing ingredients, we discussed the meaning of the flag. We discovered how many stars there are and what each star represents.

After finished making playdough, we worked with two different colours of them to recreate the flag.


Elliot expressed his interest in connecting blocks. He took blocks out of the box, looked at them with curiosity and also touched them to check their shape. It was lovely to see him following interest and initiating his own learning.



Thank you for a fun week! See you next week.


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