It’s Wednesday! We hope you all had a wonderful Australia Day! Due to COVID regulations, we were not able to celebrate as usual, but it could have been a good opportunity to spend quality time with family.


It was much cooler weather than yesterday. A light drizzle stopped us from playing in the yard, however, we had a great time in the rooms and on the veranda.

As usual morning, our day started with group time. We enjoyed circle games, which helped us to remember the name of new friends. Also, we listened to the story about insects as we’ve been showing a lot of interest in them recently.


In learning centre time, a lot of us spend a long time in the insects’ observation table. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the toy insects and match the pictures in the book to deepen our knowledge of them.


In the drawing/painting table, we looked at the book and drew or painted pictures of insects. It is very interesting to see the information book on insects. We can find out a lot of things we didn’t know and discover new things.


Veronique and Charlotte enjoyed arranging the petals in different shapes. They used their fine motor skills to shape large and small forms. Later, they made a beautiful crown with the petals!



In the afternoon, we celebrated Elliot’s birthday! We’re so happy to celebrate your birthday with you, Elliot! Thank you for bringing in delicious cupcakes! They were sooooo yummy!


What a fun day! See you tomorrow!

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