It’s Thursday! It was another cool day. And very fun day!!!!


Today, we were divided into four groups and had a group time. We were singing songs and listening to stories in each group.


Afterwards, we had a learning centre time.

In the yard, we sat in a circle around the trampoline and played with the ball. We threw the ball onto the trampoline and bounced it, or grabbed it with our feet. It was a very good gross motor practice. Of course, we didn’t forget to climb on the climbing dome and the spider web.


In the veranda, we continued learning about insects. Observing them with a magnifying glass was very interesting and fun.


Also, we threaded small beads onto thread to make accessories. It was a very detailed process, but we showed our concentrate skill to complete the work!



We continued making Australian map which we will post it on the wall. Today, Evelyn and Kavya pasted stars on it. We will continue doing tomorrow.


Max W connected small blocks so long. He counted each colour of blocks. He also commented on which was the longest, which was the shortest, etc.


In the afternoon, we celebrated Luca’s birthday. We were so happy to sing a birthday song with him and watch him blowing an imaginary candle. Thank you so much to share delicious cupcakes with us. We enjoyed them so much!


What a wonderful day. See you tomorrow!!

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