It was raining on Friday morning. We were not able to go out in the yard, but we experienced many different activities indoors and on the veranda.


We were divided into two groups for learning centre time today. And as you know, our learning centre time always starts with group time! We had so much fun singing songs and listening stories with friends.

Inside the room, we listened to a story about sea animals. After, we did a variety of activities related to them such as painting. We used our imagination and creativity to paint sea animals, referring to the picture books on the table. While painting, we were talking about which animals do we like and the reason. Also, we discovered that they came in many different shapes and colours, and in many different sizes!


On the veranda, we listened to a story about spiders in response to our interest in them. After, we were encouraged to create our own spider web on the paper. We showed our fine motor skill to recreate the spider’s web that we saw in the picture book. No two webs were alike, each one was unique!


In the afternoon, we again looked at the book about sea animals. And that time, we drew with crayons! We drew colourful fishes and cut them out with scissors.


Thank you for a great week. See you all next week!



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