Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room and to a new month – it’s February 😊

Today during group time, the children sat and listened to their favourite stories and joined in with their favourite nursery rhymes! We really enjoy our group times, as it’s a great way to engage the children in conversation and enhance their language development.

Yoga! The children are always very excited to begin yoga by laying out the mats and taking off shoes and socks. Together we stretch our bodies, engage our muscles and promote physical development through practicing animal poses! What fun 😊

We had so much fun painting with cars! The children dipped their cars into paint and then rolled the cars over their paper to see what pattern the wheels made!

We also painted little platypuses! The children have been learning all about Australian animals and used their fine motor skills to decorate platypus with paintbrushes!

We’ve have such a lovely day playing in the garden, cooking food together and building towers with the blocks!

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