Happy Friday everyone! It was great the see the children’s smiles this sunny morning! The Aqua explorers started this beautiful day with variety of activities. The sandpit was very popular with the explorers this morning, they practiced their cognitive skills by filling up the pipes. They explored the concept of depth through digging. And of course, running vehicles around the sandpit was a must! At the block corner, the children were intrigued by our new teacher (Nita)’s treasure bag. Together the children sang some of their favourite songs with animal figurines and puppets.

The children were divided into three groups for story time. The explorers enjoyed listening to stories and music from the CDs as well as looking at images from different story books.

During learning centre time today, the children were invited to various experiences:

As Lunar new year is approaching, the explorers painted lucky charm with Helena to broaden their understanding of other cultures.

With Liza, the explorers expressed their creativity through marble painting.

With Carolina, the children practiced spraying with the spray bottle so they can water the plants. They also enjoyed crawling up the pink dome and sitting on it.

In the yard, the children were busy working at the pretend office and cubby house kitchen. The animal table was also popular with explorers doing pretend play.

The Aqua explorers had such a lovely day today!

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