Happy Monday everyone! It is lovely to see children’s smiley faces this morning!

During morning self-selected session today, the Aqua children took interest in variety of experiences. at the home corner, the girls, Molly, Isla H and Isabel were busy pretending to go shopping. The girls also took turn hiding underneath the table! At the fine motor table, children were busy practicing their cognitive skills by putting the puzzles back together. At the deck, the explorers practiced their creativity with various blocks.

Just before learning centre, the Aqua explorers were divided into three group for story time. With Carolina, the explorers sang some of their favourite songs with different props. With Liza, the children listened to various stories from CDs and Ipad. Outside, the children were invited to felt board stories. Experiences such as this provided opportunities for children to extend their cognitive and language skill.

During learning centre time, the children were invited to various experiences:

As Lunar new year is approaching, the explorers assisted Nita in making red playdough for the occasion. Once the playdough was ready, the children enjoyed making cakes and animals.

Outside at the table, the children were invited to make love heart with shaving foam and food colouring. They love feeling the texture of shaving foam and mixing colours.

With Nelson, the children practiced their physical skills through jumping, skipping, and running.

The Aqua explorers had lots of fun today.

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