Happy Monday Crimson Families!

Children had a great time engaging in different activities.

Our younger group went to #59 with Sony, Tima and Komal and they started to settle pretty well. The educators started introducing the Chinese new year celebration by playing some Chinese songs, sang them as a group and as an extension, they made some lanterns too! Children enjoyed engaging in a craft experience where they learnt  about other culture and their special occasions. Tima also organized zodiac boardgame and children were interested and curious what they were so the educator explained to them the characters.

Meanwhile, Anne and Komal’s group had a quiet start for the day spending some time indoors reading some stories. Children were encouraged to participate through open-ended questions and they happily shared their thoughts about the characters and the story. Afterwards, Anne started the discussion about the Chinese new year and how families are celebrating them. As the discussion went on and as they children saw photos online, the group decided to make a Chinese fan using coloured papers and natural materials. The group had also started to make a display of their work on the wall.

Arturo’s group had an amazing time outdoors as well. He read some stories based on children’s requests and prompted an open discussion about it. It allowed the children to think through and share ideas with the group. Arturo also held music time by singing songs related to the discussions and stories they read. Moving on, children had chosen to do some self- directed play with the resources prepared by the educators.

Whilst Gail was away today, Ekta came in and help taking a group of children with her. Her group also started talking about the Chinese new year and they made a craft about Ox which is the zodiac character for the year. Children also were very engaged with different activities such as story telling, music, as well as physical exercises outdoor.

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