Welcome Tuesday and welcome to all the children today. It is overcast but we still stay safe and put all our sun cream on and hats while outside exploring.

Sophie was excited to start her morning of with the animals in the box. We turned the sand green to be the grass and she loved making marks with the cow in the sand.

Inside a small group gathered with Liza to enjoy her treasure box. The children get so excited when exploring the little toys inside.

Isla H enjoyed patting babies in the home corner.

Levi, Zac and Isla W enjoyed puzzle time.

Some of the children helped cut red paper for Donna’s activity, they were getting the opportunity to learn about Chinese New Year.

Group times as always is when we sit together in 3 groups, we sing the hello song and welcome everyone to school and learning all our peer’s names while we do so.  We also listen to so many lovely stories, some we read and some we listen to on the stereo.

After we go into small groups for Learning centre time and we made many different things with our teachers.

With Liza and Bambi, we continue the theme of Valentines day. we made many shapes in hearts and used shaving foam and food colouring to make them pretty.

We used red dough to explore the colour of our hearts for Valentines day.

With Donna and Helena, the children explored the theme Chinese New Year. With Helena the children used the dragon to dance to Chinese music, which they do in China for New Year. With Donna the children made Chinese Sun catcher Lanterns, we used contact paper which was sticky and stuck red paper all over our lantern shape. We learnt some new vocabulary and colours.

With nelson the children completed an obstacle course, they used their hands and feet to crawl over the cones to reach the other side. Already the children are getting strong in their gross motor skills. Good Job Everyone!

Ethan and Nishka made a lovely dinner for Donna in the cubby house. They used natural material leaves and put them inside the pot and mixed it all around.

We also had a lot of fun with water and the boats. Louis enjoyed exploring them by trying to put them together. We sang row, row, row your boat as we pushed them along.

As it was Leonardo’s birthday last weekend, we celebrated his birthday this afternoon with song and cupcakes! Happy Birthday Leonardo!

What a fun filled day at Aqua. Have a lovely Tuesday evening.

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