Hello Crimson families,


Children started their day with much and enthusiasm. Since yesterday, the younger group have been transitioning to #59 with Sony, Tima and Rosanna. Children were quite happy to move with their friends and are excited to go to the space they are getting more familiar with.

Sony, Tima and Rosanna had their group on number #59 and prepared experiences such as sensory exploration by creating a farm using coloured rice and toy animals, pretend fire rescue and creative arts activity as an extension of their learning yesterday.

Whilst Arturo was off the floor in the morning, Anne took over his group and  started off the activities outdoor by discussing about “rules”. Children were encouraged to share their opinions and thoughts about rules they need to remember when we are in daycare. So the children came up with a list such as; waiting patiently for their turn to speak, standing for themselves by saying, “stop, I don’t like it”, walking feet inside and on the deck and using our manners ( please, thank you, excuse me, you’re welcome). This is something that the group will extend on the coming days.

Gail had organized a couple of activities too that encouraged the children to develop and practice their numeracy and literacy skills whilst promoting multiculturalism by introducing important celebrations such as the Chinese new year and Waitangi day.

Amol organized his small group of children indoors where they had some story telling based on the books suggested by children, construction play and creative arts. They did some collage using recycled papers and their drawings.


Have a great day!

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