Some of the children started their morning off exploring in the garden area. Isla and Molly really enjoyed the slide together. They took turns to go up the steps and said ‘’Weeee’’ as they slide down.

Ethan and Thomas enjoyed cooking in the cubby house area, they used the leaves from the garden and put them in the big frying pan, they used a spoon to mix it all around.

Inside the dough table was very popular, the children are exploring red for Valentines day and today we added popsicle sticks with it. The children were very creative and made lollipops with them.

With Julio the children joined him for some Yoga, they took their mats and looked at the yoga cards and then tried to complete the pose.

The sandpit was a hit as always, the children made cakes and many different things like sandcastles with the sand. They used fine motor skills to lift the sand with shovels.

Group time today with Bambi the children enjoyed lots of active dancing. They love moving their body to the rhythm. With Lisa they read some love stories.

After group time it was learning Centre time and the children joined small groups to do activities.

With Donna the children continue to learn about Chinese New Year and made some amazing suncatcher lanterns to go on the door.

With Helena the children made peach blossom tree for Chinese New Year.

With Liza the children made handprint flowers for Valentine’s day.

With Nelson the children had their Gross motor class. Climbing over the markers without trying to touch them. They children are strengthening their muscles as they complete the course. Well done everyone, you are getting better and stronger each day.

Have a lovely Wednesday evening everyone.

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