Today was such a fun filled day at Aqua. The children are settling very well and settling into the routine at their new room. A big well done to all parents and children as it is quite difficult to transition from one group to another. It is so nice to see so many friendly faces and the welcomes you have for all us educators. It is going to be a fun year.

Some of the children started the morning in the kitchen area with Trish, they made her cake on toast and coffee. Alegria sat and did ‘’makeup’’ she said as she looked in the mirror.

Laura, Isabel’s sister joined us for an hour in the morning and they also made so many nice breakfast things for us.

It was a fun morning in the kitchen area, as children arrived, they too joined us.

Story time is always a hit, the children love exploring the books especially if it is the teacher’s books. They really enjoyed listening to Julio’s stories. They concentrated so well.

The puzzle table was surrounded, and the children especially enjoyed the one you could open and close different latches.

Annalise and Donna has sometime together as we are building on our friendship and we made some lovely marks on the paper.

Outside the children enjoyed the sand pit area, they used many of the objects in the pit manipulating them around.

Georgia had some time at the block table, she named the colours and explored them by putting them in different packs together.

Group time was fun as always, we are starting to learn new songs, ‘’The Days of the week’’, and ‘’What’s the weather like today’’. The children are starting to join in.

Learning centre time was so full of educational experiences, the children joined Natasha and explored colours. They used the crayons and had to match them to the colour on the paper or the blocks. They really enjoyed the experience.

We added some lovely leaves today with the dough to give the children some new experiences and to add natural materials. They made many things like a tree they said as they stuck the leaves into the dough.

Outside the children had a fun gross motor hour with Nelson and Julio. Using their large gross motor skills to complete the course.

Have a lovely evening Aqua friends.

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