It’s Thursday! Children had engaged in various activities in various locations.

In learning centre time, children were divided into 4 groups. As always one group went to #59 where Tima and Sony set up beautiful experiences.

In #59, we continued learning about our emotions. We discussed when do we feel happy, sad, excited, nervous, and loved. Then we also discussed what our faces would look like at times of each emotion. After, children drew faces of each emotion based on our discussion.

Luca, Isla, Adeline, Lily, Arya, Alice, Charlotte, and Jack cooperatively made playdough together. They measured, poured, and mixed all the ingredients together. It was lovely to see their patience to wait for their turns.


With Arturo, children challenged their visual discrimination skills for doing puzzles. We all worked together to complete the Aboriginal themed puzzle. The ones with clear patterns were easy, but the ones without were difficult. However, the children did not give up and completed the puzzle with a lot of trial and error. Trial and error method is one of the best ways of how children learn or improve their skill.


With Gail, children enjoyed peg board activities. Maddison, Kavya, Shona and Veronique sat on the table together to make patterns with pegs. While they were doing so, they kept interacting verbally and non-verbally. Later, Liam came to the table and started placing pegs. He carefully placed them one by one in straight lines.


Imri became a teacher instead of Amol and read a story for children. He proudly sat on the chair and opened book wide so everyone could see it.


Oh, what a fun day we had. See you tomorrow!


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