It’s Friday! Children stared their morning with stretching their body and mind through Yoga class with Tima and Sony. Edward, Daniel, Lilly, Alice, and other children grab their own mat and found their own space for relaxing.



Just before learning centre time, children were divided into 2 groups. We had a small group of children today, so instead of going to #59, we all stayed at Crimson.

Some children were with Gail and Amol at the desk, other children were indoor with Tima, Sony and Kathrine. In group time, Gail and Tima encouraged children to bring their book and do story tell. This promoted children’s confidence as well as language development.


Different areas were set up in different learning spaces for children to learn and explore. Time and Sony created new drawing and paintings in art and craft corner. Children were invited to draw their own faced by looking at the mirror. This experience helped children to build strong self-identity as well as self-image.


Also in the yard, we had little carpenters. They put on goggles and other protective gear, and with tools such as hammers, they pretended to join blocks or hammer nails. It was lovely to see them sharing tools and waiting their turn.


With Gail, we got time to celebrate one of New Zealand’s famous festival called ‘Waitangi Day’ which is also known as the treaty of peace and love. Gail shared her knowledge of this festival with children during group time and created learning spaces related to it. Children enjoyed drawing on black face masks with pink and white chalks. Some of them were putting masks on their faces and showing them to friends.


Elliot also enjoyed being part of the group. Apart from his routine of visiting Aqua, he explored the various area in Crimson. While exploring, he showed a strong interest in the construction set. He enjoyed the feel of the sand and touched the cars on the construction site.


In the afternoon, we celebrated Dominic’s birthday!! Dominic stood in front of children with a cupcake, while we sang the birthday song together. We were so happy to see his happy face! Thank you Dominic for bringing super delicious cupcake!!!!


Thank you for the fun Friday. See you all next week!!!

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