What a fun start to our morning. With Liza a small group sat at the table and made some creative marks on the black paper with chalk. They spoke about Valentines and what we love to do. Liza then drew the children the love heart shape.

Inside Henry enjoyed some time in the book corner, while Isabel, Eliza, and Alegria enjoyed some time at the home corner. Some of the girls cooked dinner, while Alegria loaded up with bags and went to the shops with her bear.

Nicholas, Thomas and Annelise explored the sand area. They got together and worked as a team as they wanted to build a castle. They filled the bucket then Thomas went and turned it upside down on the side and screamed with delight as he took the bucket away and there was a castle.

The children get so excited when it is morning teatime and love to wash their hands and sit together to eat.

Outside there were so many wonderful things happening in the garden, the children were especially excited to explore the cubby house area. They got to mix leaves for the dolls dinner and then helped the babies eat their food. Sophia loved the bottle and happily filled it and gave it to her baby.

Group times were full of wonderful songs. The children are learning new nursery rhymes daily and games.

Learning centre time was super exciting today as the children helped liza to make a cake for Valentines day. They used the heart shape and red food colouring to make the cake turn red. Cooking is a great developmental activity for the children they will gain many skills like problem-solving and creativity. It also allows children the opportunity to use the knowledge they have and apply it by counting, measuring, following a sequence, following directions, and cause and effect. They really enjoyed the experience, and we are all super excited to taste some at afternoon teatime.

Sophie made a lantern with Donna for Chinese New Year. She laughed when the contact stuck to her hand.

Play dough was a hit and today the children made cupcakes with love heart ice tray.

And Nelson’s group Saved the princess from the tall castle with finding the right colour blocks.

We also were very excited as the dragon for Chinese New Year came and visited the Aqua room, it was the Crimson children and Sophie laughed as she saw her brother Liam play the drums.

What a fun Friday, we wish all our Aqua families a wonderful fun filled weekend.

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