Hello Crimson families!

Our children had a great fun engaging in various activities all throughout the day and were able to maximise their time in different learning spaces.

Arturo’s group had an interesting numeracy and literacy activities both based on children’s interest and intentional teaching. Children participated in matching numbers using round cards. They have also been involved in matching shapes and creating different ones using materials such as elastics and pop sticks.

On the deck, Shoko and her group spent some time creating beautiful artworks following the Valentine’s day last Sunday. They have incorporated Japanese culture through a book about “important person” as an extension of children’s interest. Afterwards, they had a discussion about it and children were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas to the educator.

Meanwhile, Anne took over Gail’s group and organized a playdough making experience. The educator encouraged the children to name the ingredients, describe them and also be involved in measuring and mixing all of the ingredients together. Children had a great time exchanging ideas with the educator and sharing what they have made of using the playdough. Elliot also had enjoyed exploring playdough with Joana in the quiet area.

On No.59, Sony and Tima had an amazing day with the younger preschoolers. They extended their learning about Chinese new year celebration to creating a farm with some ox and engaged with some sensory exploration. Also, children were very excited to be part of the dance and sports activity in the afternoon wherein they learnt to listen to instruction, be part of a group and other physical exercises and movements.

The tennis coach also came to do some activities with the children and everyone involved absolutely had a great time.

Nicholas also celebrated his birthday with the crimson group and shared some yummy pastries with everyone!


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