It’s Tuesday! The children have had a terrific time exploring and learning together 😊

We sat down for group time with our educators where we read our favourite books and sang lots of nursery rhymes! We talked about lots of different things and discussed the illustrations in the books!

We love yoga! What a fantastic session today. All of the children were very excited to join in and showed off what they have been learning since the beginning of the year! This is a great way to encourage physical development!

The children had so much fun painting with leaves! This was such a fun and sensory experience with natural resources! What fun! The children even helped us to tidy up when we had finished!

We used our Australian animals to practice counting! The children sat patiently and took it in turns to count animals with their educator! Everyone did a fantastic job and tried very hard 😊

What a lovely day we have had playing with farm animals in the sand and reading books!

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