Hello everyone!

We hope you all had a great day just as our enthusiastic children in Crimson.

Our day has always been busy for children engaging in a lot meaningful experiences in different learning spaces.

Different activities were set up for our younger group in NO.59 and children had a chance to choose in which experience they would like to get involved with. Some had a great time creating beautiful artworks that express their love for family and others. Another group have utilised their energy by engaging in physical activities such as balancing, ball shooting and hitting whilst others were so involved in construction in building using magnetic tiles.

Meanwhile in Crimson room, Shoko’s group extended their interest in Chinese new year by getting to know more about some Chinese food. Amol read the book called, “Magic Ramen” and Shoko encourage the children to create some noodle soup. The group also had a discussion about how they will decorate it and thought of creating a menu for their noodle bar.

Arturo’s group had extended on building sense of responsibility and ownership of the resources and physical environment. Children had been amazing in helping out and sharing their thoughts as they went on. They also had been involved in playdough making experience and used it to write their names and identify the letters.

Gail’s group had been very involved in different hands on experiences such as extending their making activity, creating wonderful crafts for loved ones and also exploring the areas and spaces in the deck that we have just created with them this morning.

In the afternoon, Daniel the music teacher came to do some interesting experience with the children. We did it in small groups and everyone was encouraged to try and be part of it. Children had a great fun listening and being part of an activity that encourages the development of appreciation for music.

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