The children in Crimson have been busy engaged in a variety of experiences as they explore their environment. It’s so nice to see new friendships forming at the start of the new year.

Today, Arturo’s group was introduced to Basketball. They discussed basic rules and safety before beginning. They practiced their aim, first rolling to each other and then throwing in to the hoop.

To continue with being responsible and taking care of their environment, children matched pens to corresponding lids. Children have also shown an interest in using scissors. To facilitate this interest children were invited to practice their scissors skills, cutting a variety of shapes and pasting them on to paper.

Sony, Tima and Katherine’s group extended on their Valentine’s Day theme and invited children to create rainbow love hearts and added glitter on top. They also extend on Charlotte’s interest in the princess book and set up a puppet area. Adeline and Charlotte pretended to be teachers and called everyone to sit down for the show. They also followed on with their interest in dolls. Dolls and babies were set up under the tree and children role played caring for babies or having tea. Some children took on the role of a parent and some pretended they were in the park with the babies having a picnic.

Amol invited children to use their cognitive skills to match furniture or items from around the house to correct rooms, in a matching game. They also used their pincher grasp to pick up the small square blocks and match the colours.


Gail’s group this week have continued with Lunar New Year celebrations. The children have been busy engaging in a variety of experiences. Today we extended on the book ‘The Perfect Bao’. During group time we discussed how it’s nice to try a variety of foods. Lily shared she likes broccoli and cauliflower, Viraj carrots and cucumber, Alexia carrots and her brother Joshua, cucumber.  Maddison likes avocado and Ryan and Liam pizza. Evie shared she didn’t like avocado before and now does, while Grace loves dumplings. This brought us to discuss how a lot of the food we eat has come from all around the world.

Archie and Maddison, earlier had help to prepare the flowers and rice for the children to use in their Bao. The children used their small muscles to roll, squeeze and shape the dough. We added a variety of tools and textures in the form of flowers, dried and fresh, as well as coloured rice. Laura made a perfect Bao with delicious olives. Ryan a pineapple pizza, Grace made dumplings and Kavya panda bread, Arya made pork dumpling and Ava a Chinese pancake.

Children we invited to practice their cutting skills to cut around the Chinese zodiac animals. Alexia and Evelyn both chose the rabbit and Liam the boar.

Today children also enjoyed the lens blocks building and looking through a variety of colours and patterns. Some of the children worked together to complete the number puzzle from one to ten and then again backwards.

Grace and Ava enjoyed the music corner, taking turns with the bells and maracas before inviting Laura and Kavya to join them.


In the sand pit, some of the children were playing and started drawing and discussing letters. First was ‘Hh’ – drawn first by Maddison very confidently. Then Teos and Lily had a turn too. After more discussion, Teos drew an A which prompted Maddison and Lily to draw an A too. Arda used a car to make the letter A and they were all very confident in their abilities, exclaiming, “I know how to do it”. Making shapes in sand is a lovely way to develop pre-writing motor skills and also develops children’s knowledge of letters in a play setting.


‘Almost all creativity involves purposeful play’. – Abraham Maslow.

Happy Lunar New Year! We hope you have a wonderful weekend – Crimson Educators.

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