Hello Crimson Families!

I took over Gail’s group today whilst she was away and we started our day by greeting each other and welcoming one another. Children had a chance to practice public speaking by talking about their weekend in front of the group and they loved the attention on them. Moving on, as we were talking about the days of the week, one of the children ran on the deck so we had to remind him to  use our waking feet. From there we began discussing about the rules in Crimson class and we have come up with a great list that we will be sharing with the rest of the group and will make a display for children to revisit.

Alejandra and Komal had set up the yard for an obstacle course that the children were happy to help with. Arda, Nicholas, Finn and Julia suggested to use the balance beams, tires and triangle climbing frame as part of the obstacle and everyone jumped in and joined them.

Shoko’s group continued preparing for the noodle shop. Henry, Arya, Belian and Owen enjoyed painting their favourite food  and decided to use them to decorate the noodle shop.

Sony and Tima had also prepared obstacle course in their outdoor based on Charles, Henry and Evan’s interest. Children excitedly took turns practicing their balance, co-ordination and also co-operation as they listen to some instructions and take turns with others.

We’d also want to greet Elise and Georgia a happy birthday!! Their friends sang them a song and the girls were very glad to celebrate it with their friends in a small way.


Have a lovely day!

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