Buenos tardes familias!

Amol took over Shoko’s group and today and the group had fun engaging on activities that were prepared for them by Kay and Amol. Since the children were very much interested with the project regarding multicultural celebrations, Kay showed the group how to make lanterns, and other hands on activities. Jeffrey, Shona, Isabelle and Arya enjoyed making Chinese lanterns and practiced their cutting skills. There was also a table were children had fun with water play experience as they count the ducks and transfer them on to another pond. Arda was very much interested with learning how to use the chopsticks as he pretend to eat noodles. Children also did some threading using pipe cleaners and beads whilst they identify the numbers attach to it.

Arturo’s group focused on revisiting learning about playdough and measurements. The discussion and experience was extended and was more focused to the process as to how and why the dough sticks and why it was very easy to mold into different shapes. Finn, Max, Levi, Aidan, Thomas, Maksym, and Ava were very much involved in the discussion has been sharing their thoughts whilst Arturo was prompting them with open ended questions.

Meanwhile, Saige, Isla, Alice, and Elaria were having fun drawing shapes using different colours. They became very interested to draw some whilst referring to a chart as their guide and create their own. Henry, Owen and Edward were very helpful during lunch and helped out in setting up the tables and took the initiative to put out the plates and cups.

Gail’s group focused on building and construction using different materials that encouraged the children to use their thinking strategies as well as negotiation within the group. Oscar, Maksym, Belian and Max were very much involved in creating different structures such as bridge, tower and and a boat. They were conversing about how they were going to make them and listened to each other’s point of views as they went on.

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