Happy Friday! After 2 raining days, it’s a sunny day finally!

Today we have a new friend in Emerald room, welcome to little Jack!

We couldn’t wait to play with you and wish you enjoy the time in Emerald!

Emerald children started the day with group time.

Ting Ting played the guitar and singing with the children, the children were very concentrated on the new experience.


Ekta read the stories with the children and we noticed that the children’s language skills is developing day to day!

Yoga and dancing are our daily curriculum, children stretched and moved their body for actions, these help them to promote balancing skills and gross-motor skills.

In the learning centre, we engaged children in foam play with the painting brush and dinosaur (sensory play). Children had a lot of fun in it. They used the painting brush and put the foam on dinosaurs, liked to bath it! Children were enhancing the sensory skills and fine-motor skills in this learning experience.

To continue the “Nature” project, children were introduced to different trees by the teacher, and they invited to create their own tree collage. See! How creative they are!

Today children were continued to get the knowledge of transportation too. Teacher provided different shapes and colour papers to children, and they used their observation and creativity to make the train!

To develop the children’s early numeracy, teacher invited children used the shape blocks to stamp difference shapes on the paper.

In the free selection play time, children followed their interests and chose to participate in different activities such as riding bike, playing with sensory blocks, sandpit play, shape toy, look after baby and small games in the outdoor yard etc.

In the afternoon, children also had an opportunity to explore the guitar. They were curious and excited to make sounds with their little finger!

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