Happy Monday! We hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend and are ready to get stuck back into a fun week of adventure and learning! 😊

Group time! What a way to start off the week – the children love to join in and interact with their educators during group time. Together we sing songs, read books and have meaningful conversations that can help to extend vocabulary!

Yoga! An exciting part of our morning where the children can warm up their bodies for the day by practicing lots of animal poses and gross motor movements! It’s always such a fun way to engage the body in exercise!

We had even more fun using our gross motor skills when we played with bean bags! The children enjoyed throwing them, balancing them on their heads, counting them and discussing their colours! Well done everyone 😊

We used our fine motor skills to paint little chicks!

And we used our creative minds to paint a beautiful orange lily on paper! What fun!!

Today has been busy and packed full of fun! We enjoyed cooling down with water play, reading, dancing and taking care of our younger friends!

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