Familles bon après-midi (Good afternoon families)!

Its been raining all morning but nevertheless children had an amazing day engaging in sensory experiences, literacy and numeracy activities, physical exercises and more.

Our children in #59 have been very helpful during the day in setting up the tables for meal times. Tima, Sony and Rosanna have been encouraging them to develop independence, responsibility and ownership of their physical environment whilst actively taking part of running their routine everyday. Charles, Evan and Henry had volunteered to put out the plates and cups on the table. Saige, Elise, Georgia and Elaria enjoyed making different things using playdough and were  engaged in conversations with each other and with the educator who was supervising them.

Archie was very curious with the beads and thread them on the pipe cleaners with numbers on it. He was asking Shoko to help him with the numbers and was very happy sharing about his costume to the educator. Jeffrey and Luca on the other hand decided to get involved with building using wooden blocks. Jeffrey was watching how Luca does it and decided to join and help. Isabel, Shona and Arya on the other hand were keen to practise their cutting skills by cutting around the picture of a dragon.

Amol extended on the literacy and numeracy experiences that Arturo did with his group yesterday. Dominic, Henry and Arda had used the sea animals as inspiration in creating things using playdough whilst Edward, Maksym and Thomas focused on using the playdough and letters to spell their name.

Gail’s group today focused on a lot of sensory and hands on experiences. Belian and Veronique enjoyed making bao with playdough. Teos, Max and Imri spent quite some time in the kitchen area where they practised using chopsticks and pretended to eat noodles and other Asian food. Viraj, Lily and Maddie had also practised using chopsticks and pompoms as the food. Gail has also read a story about dragons that children extended by making craft with cut out zodiac characters.


Music session- 24 Feb

Today in small groups at a time, we explored sound & music making with our hands, bodies, percussion instruments and violin. Specific activities included learning short rhythm patterns through listen/watch & copy, group in-time rhythm coordination, physical movement to a beat, generating sound & music on the body, as well as sound discrimination & comparison through timbre similarities/difference. Finally we finished with an introduction to the violin, exploring its features, gaining familiarity, learning how to hold it correctly for playing and along with the basic arm bowing movement. 


Have a lovely afternoon everyone!

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