It’s Tuesday! The children have had a wonderful day spent painting, exploring and playing together 😊

We enjoyed our group times throughout the day, where the children interact with their educators by reading, singing and playing games. Today the children used the felt boards to sing songs, tell stories and practice their counting too!

During our yoga session this morning, the children loved following along to the yoga songs and moving their bodies into animal poses! We’ve been practicing our cow poses recently and the children love to ‘moo’ as they do it!

Today the children had fun painting lovely stars sponge brushes and singing ‘twinkle, twinkle’ as they did it!

We continued with our nature project by gluing and sticking shapes onto paper to create a lovely tree!

The children have enjoyed playing with play dough, exploring the outdoor environments but today they had ‘baby fever’! Everyone wanted to play with the babies, taking care of them and putting them to sleep! 😊

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