It’s been a thundering Thursday today! There was a big storm at lunch time and the children experienced the thunder and lightning! It was so loud 😊

Group time! The children sat for a long time today, engaged in stories and singing!

A super fun yoga session filled with animal poses and laughter! When it has been raining like it has today, it’s important for the children to burn some energy with physical activity! We jumped around and practiced our animal poses, moving our bodies to promote development!

Another fun activity for a rainy day is a beach ball! We pushed and threw the ball to each other and it was so much fun!

Circles! Today the children used a glue stick to glue and stick circles onto a bigger circle! We love learning about shapes and expanding our knowledge and vocabulary 😊

What a lovely day we’ve had playing handmade musical instruments, MeiTing’s guitar and dancing together!

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