What a surprise today as the rain stead away. The children are exploring all area’s within the Aqua room.

This morning Alegria started her morning by patting Elmo and the doll, she spoke to Donna about what big eyes Elmo has. And he is ‘’red’’ she said.

Nicholas enjoyed some time with a counting puzzle. He used his cognitive skills as well as his fine motor skills to complete it.

Thomas enjoyed a book with Komelpreet, while a small group joined Donna and listened to Nishkas book she brought to share from home.

Tilly found the camera that was added to the play space today and enjoyed snapping friends.

Eliza made some wonderful brekkie for her peers and teacher in the home corner.

Molly explored shapes at the large table.

Outside we set up the tent under the tree and the children really enjoyed this area today. they sat inside enjoying some time with peers.

Group time was so much fun, with Nita the children used puppets to sing some nursery rhymes. ‘’Hickory Dickrey Doc’’ was their favourite.

Bambi’s group have started a project about under the sea and the children got to listen to a book about Peppa Pig going to the great barrier reef.

Learning centre time was full of fun activities, the children played with dough using sticks to make many wonderful things like lollies and cakes.

Henry, Sophie, Eliza and Alegria did some lovely planting with Donna and really enjoyed the experience. They used water to wet the soil and then planted the seeds.

With Bambi the children got creative and made their own fish.

What a fun filled day we had. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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