Happy Monday everyone! Today the Aqua explorers started their day off with visiting the animals at Crimson. They enjoyed looking around the yard and observing the animals in the yard. Back in the Aqua room, the explorers pretended to cook at the home corner. Meanwhile, some children also enjoyed stories with Nita on the sofa. Outside the explorers practiced their cognitive skills through building with wooden blocks, digging in the sandpit as well as pretend play with animal figurines.

During literacy group time, the Aqua explorers were divided into two groups. With Bambi, the children moved to the rhythms of music before sitting down for their favourite stories. With Nita, the children enjoyed stories and songs with props. Such experiences provided opportunities for children to extend their cognitive and language skills.

At learning centre today:

The explorers continued to connect with our world through watering the seedlings. They enjoyed manipulating the spray bottle whilst caring for the plants.

The children practiced social, cognitive and fine motor skills through loading trucks and digging with digger at the sand box.

As it is a hot day, the explorers also cooled down with water and explored the concept of sink and float with various objects.

Inside, some children enjoyed pretend picnic with fiends and cooking at the home corner.

The Aqua explorers had such a lovely day today!

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