Happy hump day everyone! Although the weather was gloomy this morning, however the sound of the garbage truck made the children’s day as they all rushed to the fence to take a look. Inside, some explorers were busy dressing up and cooking at the home corner. One group of children also practiced their cognitive skills by matching the alphabet puzzles while others were busy practicing their fine motor skills at the table.

During literacy group time, the explorers were divided into three groups. With Alejandra, the group read new stories; they listened attentively and enjoyed looking at the images. With Bambi, they practiced their listening skills by doing different movement from the songs. After their warm up, Bambi read some of children’s favourite stories such as ‘Apple toffee.’ The children enjoyed their literacy group time very much.

At learning centre today, the explorers were invited to various activities:

They practiced their cognitive, fine motor and social skills through various sensory trays. For instance at the rice tray, the children explored volume by scooping up and filling up their cups.

With Liza, the children continued to explore emotions by drawing different faces and creating hair through blowing through a straw.

With Donna, the explorers practiced their fine motor skills through sucking different food dye with pipette and dropping it on to tissue paper. The children also enjoyed mixing the various colours!

At the small table, children were invited to explore colours through cotton wool painting.

The Aqua explorers had such a wonderful day today!


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