Happy Friday to all our Aqua families. It was a beautiful sunny day today and the children have had a fun morning exploring in the room. They are enjoying the change in different areas and are playing really well.

Isaac, Thomas and Nicolas started their morning off by driving the bus. Isaac told Donna that he was driving to Leo’s house to see him as he misses him at school today.

Teresia also enjoyed driving the bus. She had a big smile on her face.

Annabel an Annelise helped Donna water our plants. They have now started to germinate and will be ready for planting in the large planting boxes at the bottom of the garden.

Group times we enjoyed stories and songs in our group. Nita used her puppets to sing songs, the children really enjoy her group time and especially love her mouse puppet.

Jake really enjoyed the sensory box, he especially enjoyed pouring it from one cup to the next displaying great coordination skills.

After group time we went to smaller groups and enjoyed activities set up with the teachers.

With Liza the children enjoyed making sad and happy faces by using a straw to blow the paint around.

One of the children showed interest in the elephants so with Bambi they listened to the story about Dumbo and then made a baby elephant.

Some of the children enjoyed pretend play with Komalpreet, they made her many nice treats like cakes. She really enjoyed her treats.

Jessica and a small group enjoyed stories on the mat together.

Some of the children developed their fine motor skills with threading.

It was a very relaxing Friday for the Aqua group. We wish you all a fun filled weekend.

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