Today we had a blessed as dark clouds were on holidays and we make the most of spending our fun learning on the outside and on verandah.

As we started the day with a nice morning tea and children extending on social skills playing at the diversity of free play activities and settings. Some of those preferred areas were the sand pit with kitchen and small table where children practiced their pretending culinary and customer service at their restaurant. Climbing frame and obstacles course were also of their preferences. At the verandah children used their creative and construction skills to make a giant aquarium for toy whales, sharks and other sea creatures. And in the inside,  all the areas was an instant attraction to our young inquisitive minds as we used our fine motor and creativity to count, manipulate and reenact a Duck story book. Home corner was also an area where children helped baby dols to rest and dress up. Book corner with its pillows and construction corner had a long crowd of visitors.

Gail’ and Arturo’s group continued with extending children interest in creating and decorating Chinese related art and craft, this time a drawing about a Dragon face and long legs or tails. Children also used their creative minds and fine motor skills to use plastic knife to cut, mold and manipulate yellow colored dough as part of fine motor and pre writing skills. Respecting and waiting for their turns was also  an important part of today’s routine, as we took equally time to be on each experience.

Amol and his group were also very busy with literacy and numeracy as they counted with beads, creating different shapes with playdough and using different tools like rollers and pop sticks. They also practiced the magnifying glass correctly to find miniature insects in the pretending gardens. Using those tools children were very keen to investigate the ice and the frozen dinosaurs. Ducks table was another opportunity to learn, as children were exposed to understand their living habitats between dry and wet.

Sony and Tima’s group really enjoyed their last day of Summer, as they try to unfroze different plastic dinosaurs, using a hammer and water. Children also had fun getting involve with physical exercises that challenge their fundamental skills such as jumping, skipping as well as their balance and co-ordination.

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