Happy Monday! It’s the first day of a new week and we are officially in March 😊 We are going to have so much fun!

We kicked off the day with group time! One of our favourite activities and learning opportunities for the children. Together we read books, sing songs, play games and engage the children in meaningful conversations about things like the weather or animals!

A spot of yoga to wake up our bodies! The children are always excited to participate with yoga and develop their gross motor skills through big movements and animal poses. Today we practiced our frog pose and did a lot of hopping!

Today was a very warm day and what better way to cool off then with water play!? The children had so much fun splashing in the big tray and in the steppingstones. We played with cars and other toys in the water too. This is always a fun way to explore water, depth perception and early mathematics through scooping and pouring!

What a lovely day! The children did a great job at looking after the babies in the outdoor home corner, building towers with blocks and digging in the sandpit!

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