Happy Tuesday, Crimson families!

As we go on this week, we’ve been working on our project which is “sustainability” and both children and educators have great ideas and very excited to create more environment friendly arts and crafts.

Crimson team decided to name the groups using native Australian animals. Gail’s group will be called the platypuses, Arturo’s group will be the kookaburras, Shoko’s group will be the possums whilst Sony and Tima’s group will be named koalas.

Anne had spent some time in #59 with Sony and had started sharing some information about sustainability to the group. She showed them how papers were made and as the video finished, she asked them to look around and name objects that are made of papers. Isabelle said, “The box over there!” Edward added, “The tissue box!” The group discussed more about why and how we can save trees by recycling papers before moving to making paper mache. Alice, Elise, Saige, Georgia, Henry and Isla and Alannah all volunteered to take part in the experience. They use old magazines, flour, water for the paste and also balloon for the shape and form. Everyone was excited to see how the paper mache would look like after getting dry.

The kookaburras and and the possums continued to talk about how papers are made and what steps can the children do to take part in recycling papers. As they move on, Nicholas, Imri, Aidan, Levi, and Teos were very curious about the paper mache activity they participated in. They tore the papers and soak them on the water and left them overnight. They have decided to do the next step tomorrow which they were very excited about.

The possums also engaged in some multicultural experiences as they prepare for the Japanese doll festival tomorrow and made crafts by doing cotton bud painting.

The platypus group also joined in the preparation of the celebration of Japanese doll festival. They created beautiful sakura painting and practiced their chopstick skills by pretending to eat some Japanese food like sushi. They also had a good discussion about the festival and gave the children some idea the purpose of the occasion for the Japanese people.

Another fun activity this morning was the puppet show! There was a puppet show about the story, “The fish that wanted to fly” and the sounds, actions and colourful props were very engaging for all the children in the centre.


Have a great afternoon!

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