It’s Tuesday! Our day was a little bit different today, as we started the day with a fantastic incursion!

We took the children on an adventure to the Crimson yard, where we sat and listened to a lovely puppet show about a fish who wanted to learn how to fly! The children were on their best behaviour and loved to watch the show and listen to the songs – What a lovely treat! 😊

When we came back, we did a little bit of yoga to wake up our bodies from sitting and concentrating during the incursion. The children showed their educators how they practice the different animal poses and work on gross motor development.

Triangles! We’ve moved on from circles and are now learning all about triangles! The children had so much fun stamping with triangle shapes and green paint. It’s great to see the children learning about shapes and trying to say the word ‘triangle’!

We’ve had a wonderful day exploring the outdoor environments in the cooler weather today! The sand pit had a delivery of sand over the weekend and is full to the brim and ready to have lots of sand castles built in it!

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