Good Morning everyone and welcome to another week with us here in the Aqua room.

We had a lovely relaxing start to our day today with a play in the garden, large block construction in the building area and a lovely morning tea on the veranda. Some of you may have noticed that we have changed some of our learning spaces around and we invite you to have a walk through so the children can show you some of our new spaces that they are all very proud of. The children are all very excited about helping us change our learning space and during learning centre time we have been chatting about ways we can look after our room, toys and resources. Some wonderful ideas the children have come up with are putting our toys back on the shelf and remembering to help our teaches and friends.

We also had a wonderful day exploring our way through our activities and experiences. Today some of them were large block construction, outdoor sand pit building large volcanoes and chatting about the dinosaurs that were trying to climb them, colour threading, playdough and barn yard animals. We have also been working on our gross motor climbing and jumping skills and we set up the obstacle course to further extend our gross motor skills and turn taking.

During learning centre time, we continued on with our discussions about feelings how we can express our feeling to our friends and family. We sang our Feelings song and played a game of “what am I feeling today”.

We have also been extending on our language reflecting upon colours,  fruits and veggies we like to buy in the shops, so please feel free to bring in some photos of your next shopping adventure so we can share with our friends during group time what things we like to buy at the shops with our families.

Don’t forget tomorrow is our incursion from Little Wing Puppets which will be focusing on Australian Native birds.

Hope you are all having a lovely start to your week and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Aqua Team

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