Today the Aqua explorers started their morning of with many new and wonderful activities in the Aqua room.

Some of the children really enjoyed the slime at the table. They used their hands to roll, feel and make many shapes with the slime. The children loved the feel of it and it was a great way to engage in sensory exploration.

Henry got busy with the baby ducks and the mother duck. You could here him singing the 5 little ducks’ song as he moved them around in the water. The children really enjoyed this activity.

Outside the children joined Komalpreet in the sandpit area and made many wonderful castles and cakes for each other.

Inside Alegria really enjoyed exploring the farm animals. She moved them all around the grass and made sounds that the animals make.

The home corner is always a big hit and today was like no other. The children cared for the dolls. They made lunch for them and patted them in their bed.

We also had a special visit day today. We took a visit to the crimson yard for an incursion all about the native birds of Australia. There was a fish and he really want to learn how to fly and the birds helped him learn. The children laughed as the bird helped the fish to fly in the sky. What a fun show and the children seemed to really enjoy it.

After the show the children arrived back to Aqua and had a small group time with the teachers.

With Bambi the children listened to a story called ‘’Dinosaur Roar’’. They then had t he opportunity to explore different dinosaurs in the sand.

With Liza the children expressed their emotions through dough and making the face on the card either happy, sad, or surprised. The children were amazing at expressions. Emmeline made a wonderful, surprised face.

Jake enjoyed time with the pasta, he scooped and poured and felt it with his hand.  What a wonderful fun day we had. Have a nice evening everyone.

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